Cat sitting prank

Friends of mine asked me to cat sit their cats. Naturally, I set up an instagram account (@MommaBaconCat) and posted loads of photos of the two cats. I even made up a whole narrative about one being lazy (true) and one being crazy (trueish). Anyway, I pumped a lot of content, brushed up on social media “reach” and promotion, and tried to get the account trending. I even printed out postcards with the instagram handle and put them up in neighborhood pet stores and grocery stores. No such luck, but I did get one commercial offer! Eventually, I friended a bunch of the cat’s owners friends, hoping they’d naturally stumble across the account, and it worked! But, they were not…. 100% enthusiastic? I think my fake account might have more followers than the owners instagram account? Also, they don’t really need my cat sitting services anymore. Huh.